Mugen no Kagi

Characters Testing!
Main Characters

Mariatten Joudeika (Muka)
Age 15, female. In Yukari School.
Dice Key Partner: Ruuno.
Dice key Weapon: Butter knife(It's deadlier than it sounds).
The main female character in Mugen no Kagi. She appears cold to everyone else, only opening up to Ruuno. Ruuno and her do not have a family, when she met him a years ago, she somehow becomes responsible in helping to take care of him. Although she usually tells Ruuno anything, confide in him and stuff, she can be quite secretive. She holds a secret that is somehow related to Mangosteen Ki Academy. Muka apparently has a skill that can show visions to others; visions of an impending event or something one wants to see...

Kageru Ruuno
Age 12, male. In Tsukikari school.
Dice Key Partner: Muka
Dice Key Weapon: Unknown.
The main male character. Just like Muka, he does not have a family and is taken in by the respective schools they attend. Ruuno remembers nearly nothing of his past before he met Muka, since he met Muka when he was about 5. Kageru Ruuno is not his real name, but since he does not remember his name, Muka names him that. She just thought it sounded nice.

Iroierona Haatsu
Age 13, male. In Tsukikari school(same class as Ruuno).
Dice Key Partner: Unknown.
Dice Key Weapon: A Circular Blade.
He calls Ruuno Kageruuno, mixing both parts of his name into one... Haatsu and Ruuno are good friends and they help each other at school. He also has a friend from the neighbouring Yukari school, Sakuna. He has a weird skill he sneakily uses to get his way. That is, the ability to attract others. It is unknown if that is how he is quite popular in both Tsukikari and Yukari school.

Akasakura Yohine
Age 14, female.
Dice Key Partner: Unknown.
Dice Key Weapon: Cymbals.
She wants to be a Magical Girl? Yohine also dreams of being a singing star one day. Or maybe perform in a band. Maybe it would be a source of income. Her family does not earn much income, as a result she tends to...find other ways of earning money. Even risky things such as stealing. She does not think so deeply.

Sainto Sheru
Age 16, female. In Yukari school.
Dice Key Partner: Unknown.
Dice Key Weapon: Nothing.
Martial artist and a part-time waitress. She works part-time to buy a present for a certain special person to her. She wants to get the money herself. She's really independent.

Akimoto Mika
Age 15, female. In Mangosteen Ki Academy.
Dice Key Partner: Kazuma.
Dice Key Weapon: Arrow.
Really dependent person. Mika looks up to her twin brother who is a really popular guy at the school. She is just an ordinary schoolgirl, however, very different from her brother. There are some similarities, such as both being pacifists. She copies his hairstyle(but not totally), even. She wears hair extensions because her hair is too short. When it comes to love, Mika is really an idiot, too.

Saruwatari Kazuma
Age 16, male. In Mangosteen Ki Academy.
Dice Key Partner: Mika.
Dice Key Weapon: Book.
Usually quiet person who hangs out at the library a lot. Usually carries a book around with him. He learns by reading books so he's not quite experienced when it comes to life and love. He promised to be there for Mika when she ever needs help. Tends to break promises...